F i n e W i n e s

Grands vins de Bordeaux
Grands vins de Bordeaux

Great Bordeaux wines

Grands Crus Classés from 1855,
Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Émilion, Crus Classés de Graves,
Grands Vins de Pomerol

Grands vins du monde
Grands vins du monde

Great wines of the world

Wines from Iconic Terroirs:
Italy – Chili – USA – France – Australia – Argentina

Exclusive wineries
Exclusive wineries

Exclusive Brands

Exceptional domains: Explore a meticulously curated selection of prestigious wines chosen by our team of experts.

Italy – Australia – United States – South Africa – Spain – Argentina – France

O u r G l o b a l P r e s t i g e C o l l e c t i o n

Our most precious resource

O u r w i n e s

  • Close ties with brokers and wine-growers
  • Working daily with vineyards in Bordeaux

  • Keeping up with market trends, developments and taste

Les vins Ballande et Meneret
An Unique Event in the World

T h e P r i m e u r s

  • A great preview of the new vintage
  • Wine direct from the source
  • A range of lasting allocations

B a l l a n d e W i n e h o u s e

A state-of-the-art winehouse on the wine route.

Our winehouse in Ludon-Médoc was inaugurated in 2010. This masterpiece houses the world’s greatest wines.

  • Preservation : nearly 3 million bottles over 10,000 sq.m are stored in ideal conditions (optimum hygrometry, air-conditioning between 17-18°C, low-light environment, vibrations reduced to a minimum, cleanliness, latest storage technology).​

  • Packaging service : bespoke services, from bottle procurement, dispatching and Customs (vast VAT suspension zone ) to reception by our customers.​

  • Security: like a giant safe, the site is extremely secure and carefully conserves the bottles entrusted to us by the wine-growers, that our customers can acquire with total confidence in the quality of our products.

Le Chai Ballande